Frequently asked questions


  • More info on our 1-day ticket rates.

  • At the entrance and at the park you can pay with:

    • cash money
    • debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club)
    • eco cheques, sports and culture cheques, meal vouchers and purchasing power premium

    This is how we work together with Pluxee (formerly Sodexo)Edenred en Monizze:

    • Paper: Eco Pass*, Cadeau Pass, Consumption Pass (purchasing power premium), Sport & Culture Pass* 
    • Digital: Eco Pass*, Cadeau Pass, Consumption Pass (purchasing power premium), Lunch Pass**
    • App: Sport & Culture Pass***
    • Paper: Edenred Eco*
    • Digital: Edenred Eco*, Edenred Sport & Culture*, Edenred Gift, Edenred Consumption (purchasing power premium), Edenred Meal**
    • Digital: Eco vouchers*, Gift vouchers, Consumption vouchers (purchasing power premium)
    • App: Activ'vouchers (Sport & Culture)

    * Only accepted at the entrance and subscription service.

    ** Only accepted in the catering services onsite.

    *** At the entrance and subscription service, but also in our webshop

    Buy your tickets online

  • Your purchase receipt is a valid receipt for your accounting. Our purchase receipts contain all mandatory information to be accepted by the tax authorities as a compliant invoice. An invoice for payment is therefore not necessary.

  • We offer gift vouchers from € 25.  To purchase a gift voucher, you can either:

    • get it daily from our ticket windows and the Planckendael subscription service desk
    • order your gift voucher online. Your gift voucher will be send to you by e-mail.
    • by bank transfer to the account number BE23 7755 9575 1991. In the communication field, please specify "GIFT VOUCHER" for gift voucher. We will then send to the address stated on the transfer a voucher to the value of the amount paid. You can specify in the communication if the voucher should be sent to a different address. Please expect a processing time of 14 days.

Animals and pets

  • In the winter months, our exotic animals often still like to seek the warmth of their indoor enclosure. We hope you will be able to enjoy our entire ZOO again soon.

  • Yes, you can! If you register to receive our newsletter, you will get the latest news about our animals on a regular basis.

  • No, our animals are not pets. They have special requirements as regards their care, nutrition and accommodation, and, with a few exceptions, they are not tame. Some are downright dangerous. According to international agreements, we only move our animals to other EAZA zoos (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums), as part of a breeding programme for example. Visitors who nonetheless want to take a 'beastly' gift home from the ZOO can drop into our Jungle Shop where super cute cuddly animals are waiting to be adopted.

  • No, visitors cannot bring their pets to the park. We must be strict in this respect, as this can indeed jeopardise the safety and health of our animals and our visitors. Moreover, we do not have any kennel in which to accommodate dogs. The only exception we make is for assistance or service dogs (e.g. for visually impaired or disabled visitors).

  • Please contact your own vet to give your pet the best possible care

  • It is impossible for us to adopt animals from individuals and this for various reasons. Lack of space for example, but also racial purity or oversupply. In order to maintain a healthy animal population, animals are almost exclusively exchanged between the EAZA zoos (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums). If a person has a pet that they would rather no longer look after, they should contact an animal shelter or a pet shop for further information.

  • All our animals have an appropriate, well balanced diet that is strictly controlled by the veterinarian, the biologists and the caretakers. We therefore urge you not to feed our animals. Even "healthy" foodstuffs like carrots or bananas can make some animals sick and totally upset their digestive system.

    We also ask you to refrain from feeding the pigeons and gulls that fly freely into our park. These animals sometimes carry diseases which could make our residents sick as well. Moreover, gulls especially can be aggressive and harass visitors on the terraces while trying to grab chips and food remains.

    Still, you'd very much like to see our animals eating? Check out our daily programme: penguins, birds of prey or seals are fed at given times!

  • Most of the zoo animals are not pets but wild animals. To avoid accidents, we must proceed with extreme caution when handling them. While many animals do not look very dangerous, because of their strength and weight they can still cause accidents. Our caretakers are specially trained to deal with these animals and avoid direct contact as much as possible. 

  • Find out more on the CRC (Centre for Research and Conservation) and their activitities. This scientific cell is an important component of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp (KMDA in Dutch). CRC employees carry out scientific work not only in Antwerp ZOO and in Planckendael, but also 'in situ', on foreign assignments (for example the BioBrasil project, which focuses on golden-headed lion tamarins in Brazil). The CRC boasts international fame and recognition

Practical info

  • Planckendael ZOO has two spacious car parks. Download the Planckendael ZOO plan here.

    Parking 1: at the entrance - 400 places
    Parking 2: on the other side of the animal park - 1600 places. A tunnel under the Leuvensesteenweg will take you safely to the entrance.

    The use of the parking is paid. As a member, you can add a parking membership to your annual subscription.

  • Certainly, in Planckendael you can hire a stroller at the main entrance for € 4.00 a day (€ 10.00 deposit). Token available in the shop.

  • Download the map of Planckendael ZOO. If you are already in the park, you will find free maps near the main entrance.

  • No, there are no lockers in Planckendael.

  • Of course you can take pictures and make videos to bring home great mementos of your day out at Planckendael. Professional photographers, however, must request permission beforehand ( In some buildings, flash photography is however prohibited in order not to disturb the animals.

  • Yes, going to the toilet is free.

  • At Planckendael ZOO we do our utmost to offer everyone an enjoyable and exciting day. On that basis, we find it important to make as many places as possible accessible for wheelchair users. With the exception of the “Tree Top Trail” and the “African village” (steep trails), all areas and paths are accessible for wheelchair users.

    More information

  • Yes! In Planckendael we've put modern wheelchairs at your disposal. You are advised to book in advance however.


  • Our restaurants have microwaves you can use.

  • You can change your baby's diper in all the toilets in the park. Check the park map for the location of the toilets.


  • Please consult the list of our group rates.

  • You dont have to pay a deposit.

  • If you cancel at least 5 days in advance and in writing, you won't incur any costs.

  • No, you pay for the actual number of individuals present.

  • You are advised to book a group visit with a guided tour 3 weeks ahead. You dont need to make a reservation for a visit without a guide. You can go to the cash registers of our parks on the day of your visit.

  • You will find a summary of our tours here.

  • No, for a tour, you will be charged €100. We provide 1 guide for 25 persons. If the group fails to show up, the cost of the guide will also be charged (= no-show fee).

    For schools and youth groups, however, there is a reduced free. If there are 15 participating children you will be charged € 30.00 per guide (maximum of 25 participants and 1 attendant). If a youth group fails to show up, the cost of the guide will also be charged.


  • A tour takes 1 hour on average.


  • If you are already a member and you have digital season cards, you can simply renew you membership:

    At the subscription service

    You don't need to bring passport photos. We will take a digital photograph of you there and then. If you are taking a family membership, we will do the same for the family members who are present. We will then make a personal pass for them as well. You will be able to enjoy the additional benefits of the membership (discount at other parks, free admission) as soon as everyone has their own DIGITAL pass.

    At the machines at the park entrance

    On the machine select the "members" button and follow the displayed procedure. Fast and simple. Please note: You can only renew your membership at the machine if nothing has changed in your family situation compared to the previous year.

  • New members can request their membership:

    At the subscription service

    Visit our subscription service on your first visit to the ZOO or Planckendael. We will take photographs of each family member there and then. You will also pay there. There are several payment options. You will be able to take your season passes immediately. (Family members who cannot be present, can come along on their next visit to have their card made. You can also bring with you the identity card of the absent person, and we will use that photo to make the season pass.)


    You can reach us by using the contact form, you can email the subscription service at or call them:

    Antwerp ZOO: 03 202 45 63
    Planckendael ZOO: 015 45 09 26

  • You don't need to bring passport photos. We will take a digital photograph of you there and then. If you are taking a family membership, we will do the same for the family members who are present. Family members who are not present on your first visit can pop in later or upload their passport photo via our website. We will then make a personal pass for them as well. The additional benefits of the membership (discount at other parks, free admission) are only valid on presentation of your personal Planckendael membership pass.

  • As a grandparent, you and even your partner are able to purchase a membership (whether or not the 60+ membership). With a valid membership, you can ask for a grandchild card at our ticket window and/or subscription service, and this in both the Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO. This card costs € 75.00 and allows you to invite your grandchild to accompany you 10 times on your excursion to the Antwerp ZOO or Planckendael ZOO.

  • Children aged 3 and over must have their own pass.

    You can do this by going to the subscription service on your next visit to Antwerp ZOO. We will be happy to issue an additional pass then. We are now using digital cards, which means that we will take the photograph on the spot.

  • Please send us your change of address to make sure that you will receive ZOOmagazine on time and at the right address. If you send us an e-mail with your name, new and old address (, we will gladly implement the change for you.

    It is not possible to change your address online, because we care about your privacy. Please e-mail changes in family composition or address to

  • If you purchase a season pass from the subscription service in Antwerp ZOO or Planckendael, the cost of the day tickets is deducted when the membership is issued there. The purchase of the membership must take place within 5 days of your visit to Antwerp ZOO or Planckendael ZOO. The refunded amount may not exceed the value of the season pass you purchase.

    What to do? It's very easy.

    Follow these steps to have your daytickets refunded.

    You can request a refund of your day tickets only for the people included in your membership. For example, when purchasing a family membership pass for 2 parents and 1 child, it is not possible to get a refund on tickets for 3 adults and 2 children.