UPDATE 09/06/2021 - Planckendael ZOO is open and our indoor enclosures are accessible again. Our members only have to reserve an arrival time here for a visit during weekends, public holidays, bridge days and during holidays. Reservations are mandatory for the general public, including during the week. Book your visit here (in Dutch or French). Consult all measures taken for your and our safety in the park. See you soon, take good care of each other!
Visitors in the park:
23%* * real-time% visitors compared to the max. allowed corona capacity.

Wherever you go in Planckendael, there is always a playground nearby for a bit of fun!

Planckendael in continents


There is a playground full of elephants next to the Ankole-Watusi cattle enclosure. Climb through their legs and slide down again through the long trunk. Venture afterwards on the raft towards bonobo island, and hop into the canoe, on to the African village!


Deep in the continent of America, you’ll end up in the Wild West. Climb into the petting zoo through the tower or have fun in the playground with a covered wagon.


Near “Toepaja” restaurant you’ll find a playground ‘for advanced level’ with a jumble of wooden beams and nets. Need even more adventure? In the Linden woods in the middle of Asia, climb up to a height of 14 metres to follow the tree top trail!


While your parents have a break on a bench with a drink, you can romp to your heart’s content in the stork playground with a view on - you guessed it - the storks.


The floating play harbour and the aboriginal rope trail, rotating trunks and loops in Oceania are ideal to test that you can keep your balance. Or not, obviously…

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