Events & Meetings

Is your company keen to put its green and sustainable commitment even more to the fore? Or is the adventurous character of Planckendael a perfect fit for your company’s image? Planckendael has devised a number of packages for you, which are bound to delight your employees, relations or customers!

  • Corporate events: Planckendael, a unique setting for any corporate event.
  • Memberships: Relaxed staff on Monday thanks to a Planckendael membership…
  • Admission tickets: Give an elephant, or a lion, or a giraffe as a gift.
  • Sponsorships: Will your company sponsor one of our animals?
  • Partnerships: A custom package for your company? We are open to any proposals.

Contact our salesteam B2B for more information T: 03/224.89.36 | E: